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Nov 19, 2019 Comments Off on Painting a Ski Trail Map kevinmastin

Here I am in a short, 2-minute time-lapse video painting my most recent ski trail map. (Next time I’ll try to improve my camera work!)

This is for the new terrain at Ski Cooper, just a few miles north of Leadville, Colorado. The new area is called Tennessee Creek Basin. It’s largely double-black diamond glades. (I hope my 4x knee surgeries can hold up to the tree-skiing; I’d love to ski all of these new lines.)

The original painting is an acrylic on canvas. It’s a smaller painting—just 20″ x 16.”

This is my first time posting a YouTube video, so I will seek forgiveness if this isn’t working right—I would like comments. If you can tell me what you see or what doesn’t work, I would really appreciate it.

Tennessee Creek Basin Ski Trail Map

Tennessee Creek Basin Ski Trail Map

(P.S. When I’m painting, I like to listen to up-tempo classic metal/hard rock: Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Ozzie, Zombie, etc. (The reflex and rhythm of my paint brush on the canvas feels like beating a drum).

My first thought was an obscure 1973 live Kiss song, Acrobat—that’s why I’m wearing the orange, Kiss concert t-shirt. But after watching the first few time lapse clips, I realized it wasn’t fast enough. So that made me think of early 90s Rob Zombie, “Thunder Kiss ’65” stuck in my head. But I had already painted a few sessions with the Kiss shirt, so I thought that switching to a Zombie shirt would disrupt the flow.

After wrapping it up, I realized that the video would probably be worth sharing so I wouldn’t be allowed to use any copyrighted songs as background—bummer!

I don’t know who the musicians are (I wish I did, I’d thank them), I got this track from a royalty-free music service, but the tempo was perfect and it worked very well.)

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